Miscellaneous Square Dance Links

History of Square Dancing
      Herb Egender's History of Square and Round Dancing
      Square Dancing History in the U.S.
      Square Dance Era's
              Colonial Period - 1700's
              Quadrille - 1850's
              Appalachian - Early 1800's
              Frontier Cowboy - 1800's
              Southwestern - 1800's
              Henry Ford Era - 1920's
              Lloyd Shaw Era - 1930's to 1940's

Round Dance Information
      ROUNDALAB - Professional Organization of Round Dance Leaders
      Cue Sheets from All Over -
      Cue Sheet Magazine On-Line -
      Round Dance Cue Sheets -
      Round Dance Cue Sheets On-Line -
      Round Dance Lyrics - Words to songs used in Round Dancing
      Round Dance Server - Relevant information on Round Dancing
      Round Dance Products - Palomino

Square Dance Publications
      American Square Dancer Magazine -
      Canadian Dancers News - A top quality national magazine that covers the Square Dance activity
      EAASDC Bulletin - European Association of American Square Dancing Clubs
Northeast Square Dance Magazine - New England States
      Publications of Interest to Missouri Square Dancers -
      The Call Sheet - GCA Quarterly Newsletter
      The Kiwi - Magazine for Square Dancing in New Zealand
      The Prompter - Northern California Bay Area
      USDA News - United Square Dancers of America
      Zip Coder - Advanced and Challenge Publication

Contra Information
      Contra Dance Locator - The New England Folk Festival Association
      Contra Dance Page - Bob Stein
      Contra Dance Page - Kiran Wagle
      The Dance Gypsy Monthly - Newsletter and website for Western New England contra dancers with wanderlust!
      TNeilSmith@aol.com - WA Contra information - 360-354-5821

Square Dance Dangles & Clip Art
      R&J Fial Enterprises, Badge makers - Robert & JoAnn Fial
      The Badge Hut – Texas (e-mail The Badge Hut)
      Badges for Clubs and Individuals - Galburt
      List of Square Dance Dangles - Lysle Shields
      Square Dance Icons and Clip Art - Backgrounds, Icons, etc.

Square Dance Related Web Sites
      Committee for the Promotion of Square and Round Dancing
      Square Dancing - Out of this World! - Nate Bliss' page
      MIT Tech Squares - Celebrating 30 years of modern square dancing
      The Complete Internet Listing of Czech and Slovak Callers and Cuers

Square Dance Record Companies
      Square & Round Dance Record Producers

Square Dance Businesses
              Hanhurst's Tape Service - Subscription Information
             Square and Round Dance Music - (Rounds, Patter & Singing Calls)
             Square Dance Publications
              Computer Mixing Cards for Square Dances
              Sound Enhancement - Personal Listening Systems
       Hilton Audio Products: - Sound Equipment for the Caller and Cuer

Square Dance Dealers
       Square Dance Tours and Cruises - Valley Travel Group Tours
       Sweetwater Sound - Professional recording and audio equipment.

Square Dance Apparel
    Aron Nicholson, owner of Aron's Square Dance Shop
                  8974 E. Huntington Drive
                  San Gabriel, CA 91775
                  Phone:  818-285-8544
      CaLyCo Crossing - Square Dance and Western Wear
      Carrie B's Dance Shop - Square Dance clothes, shoes and accessories

      Petticoat Dreams – United Kingdom
      Petticoat Junction OK - The Square Collection (Wholesale source for Square Dance Jewelry and Accessories)

      Promenade Parade - Square dance attire
      Nancy's Square Dance Fashions - E-mail address
      Petticoats - Denmark
      Sheplers - Western apparel
      Thrifty Cowboy - Western shirts at wholesale prices
      Western Country - Home of unique square dance and country apparel
                   2224 Plainfield Field Road
                   Crest, Illinois
                   Phone: 815-729-0006
                   Fax: 815-744-0050

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