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Businesses - Supreme Audio, Hilton Audio, dance tapes, apparel dealers
Caller Coaches - List of CALLERLAB Accredited Caller Coaches and addresses
CALLERLAB- International Association of Square Dance Callers
Caller's School - Taught by Deborah Parnell and Frank Lescrinier
Caller Web Sites - Callers with web site addresses
Calling Schedule - Schedules thru the year 2002
Cassette Info - Listing of cassette tapes for sale
Choreography - Sequences and get-outs from Basics thru C-1
Clip Art - Square Dance variety
Computer Programs - For the square dance caller; square rotation program
Definitions - Call lists & CALLERLAB definitions from Basics thru C-2; C-3 & C-4 definitions
Events & Conventions - Special Events, Conventions & Festivals
General Info - Subscribing to Net-Groups; Map & driving directions; SD Chat groups
History - Square Dance listed by eras
Lyrics - Search songs by Title, Theme, Artist, Group, or Word(s)
Miscellaneous Links - Round Dance cue sheets; Publications; Badge makers; Record producers
Organizations - CALLERLAB; Roundalab; Legacy; BMI/ASCAP; USDA
Resumé - My resumé and bio for your information; where I've been

Radio Commercials to Promote Square Dancing

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