For New and Experienced Callers
July 14-19, 2002
Some Essential Topics Covered In The School:
Mechanics Of Choreography 
Smooth Dancing-Body Flow 
Sound-P.A. Equipment 
Choreographic Management
Singing Call Techniques
Caller's Partner
Voice Delivery
CALLERLAB Accredited Caller Coach

LOCATION: Clovis, California (Fresno area)
901 5th Street (San Joaquin School of Law building) - 
Closest Hotel - Best Western - Cole

TUITION: $300 Per Student For All Sessions
(No additional charge for attending partners)

Tuition fee covers the July 14-19, 2002 sessions. The fee does not include lodging or meals, although coffee and light snacks will be provided. Also included is a 300+ page caller manual, containing information on the CALLERLAB recommended subjects covered. Upon receipt of your application and deposit of $50, I will provide additional information regarding what to wear, what to bring, and how to prepare to get the most out of this caller's school. Please bring a partner to dance with during the calling sessions. Follow the link for more information on lodging in the Fresno area, or click on the link above for the Best Western - Cole down the street from the venue.

JULY 14-19, 2002

Name:____________________________________ Partner: __________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

Phone: ( ____ ) _______________ Calling Experience: _______________________________________

E-mail Address: _____________________________________________________________________

Mail application and deposit to: Frank Lescrinier, 1720 W. Arrow Highway #83, Upland, CA 91786-7621   (909) 981-0230

For information on applying for a scholarship to this Caller's School, contact Bill and Peggy Heyman at . Bill and Peggy have been very supportive in promoting and furthering caller education. Please thank them for their support. The 1998 school had two scholarship recipients attend the school. Thank you Bill and Peggy for your contribution and support! 

Comments from some students in the 1998 caller's school...

Do you feel you got what you came for?
"We came to be exposed to the basics of calling, and we got it!"

"Yes - A solid week of training! Nice to know we can keep in contact too!" bb

How do you feel about the content of the lectures?
"It kept me better interested than any class I have had in several years." dm

Was the length of the school advantageous or detrimental?
"...the quality of the (the school) makes it more than worth the cost... I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone who is serious about calling." bh

Do you have any additional comments, ideas, or suggestions that might help us in future Caller's Schools?
"Thank you for a sincere and very open atmosphere for learning. To Frank - The magic of the magician's cloud has been replaced with the sunshine of professionalism.This was through the combined efforts and talents of both of you in a very complimentary mix. Thank You!" dm

"Your school is very professional" lr

E-mail Frank.