An Internet Listing of
Square Dance Callers with Web Sites
Last Updated 1/01/97

Guy Adams - Rockford, IL; Calling through A-2; WEB SITE
Mike Argue - Merrillville, IN; Calling thru Plus; WEB SITE
Sten Axtelius - Arboga, Sweden; Calling thru C-2; WEB SITE
Ray Ayers - Parkerford, PA; Calling thru Plus, Hoedown; (610) 495-7273; WEB SITE

Doug Barnett - Greenbelt, MD; Calling through Plus; (301) 345-5120; WEB SITE
Larry Barton - Amarillo, TX WEB SITE
Lynette Bellini - Costa Mesa, CA; Calling A-2 thru C-4; Traveling; WEB SITE
Ralf Bender - Witten, NRW, Germany; Calling thru Mainstream; +49 2302 51196(h) +49 211 81-13981(w) WEB SITE
Gary Bisaga - Leesburg, Va; Calling through Plus; WEB SITE
Nate Bliss - Vallejo, CA; Calling thru A-2; Global Records Artist; Bookings (800) 383-NATE; WEB SITE; SqDance SITE
Anders Blomvik - Mjoelby, Sweden; Calling thru A-2; Traveling; WEB SITE
Charles L. Bridges - Fair Oaks, CA; Calling through A-1; Cueing Phase II; Hoedown; CW 2-Step; Lines; WEB SITE
Don Brown - Temple, TX, Silver Sounds Artist; WEB SITE
Marc Bru - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada; Calling thru Plus, Cueing thru Phase III; Hoedown, CDP, WEB SITE
Scot Byars - Desert Hot Springs, CA; Calling thru C-1; (800) 233-0794, fax (619) 329-9543; Traveling; WEB SITE
Dennis Callin - Hemet, CA; Calling thru Plus; (909) 658-2094,
Cal Campbel - Castle Rock, CO; Calling Plus, Hoedown, CDP, Contra, Lines, 2-Step, Cueing; WEB SITE
Charles Campbell - Sierra Vista, AZ; WEB SITE,
Jim "Who" Cholmondeley - Florissant, MO; Calling through Plus; CW; 2-step; Eagle Records Artist; Full Time; WEB SITE
Jim Clark - Jim Clark  - Portland, OR; Calling thru Plus; (503) 775-9606; WEB SITE
Daryl Clendenin - Apache Junction, AZ; Calling thru A-2; Accredited Callerlab Coach; Caller School,  WEB SITE
Larry Cole - Marion, IN; Calling through C-1; (317) 384-7089; Rawhide Records Artist; WEB SITE
Bob Dalsemer - Brasstown, NC; Calling thru Plus; Hoedown, Contra, CDP; Prompter; (704) 837-8568; WEB SITE
Gina Darcy - Palmdale, CA; Calling through A-1; WEB SITE
Frank Dimond - Ipswich, England; +44 1473-718841; WEB SITE

Fredrik Einarsson - Trollhattan, Sweden; Calling through A-2; 0046 (0)520-322 22; WEB SITE
Ed E. Elder - Bloomington, IL; Calling through A-2; CDP; Line Dance; Full Time; Traveling; WEB SITE
Dave Eno - Martville, NY; Calling through C-1; (315) 564-6922; WEB SITE
Tom Fekete - Philadelphia, PA; WEB SITE
Marty Firstenburg - Fountain City, CA; Calling thru C-1; Hoedown; (714) 964-8181; Full Time; WEB SITE
Robert French - Sunnyvale CA; Calling through C-3B; WEB SITE

Bengt Geleff - Gothenburg, Sweden; Calling thru A-2; 46-31-260029/262266; Traveling; WEB SITE
Dave Gipson  - Fort Wayne, IN; Rawhide/Buckskin Records; "ASK DAVE"; Thru A-2; Cueing II; Traveling; WEB SITE
Bill Greenen - Mesa, AZ; Calling through Plus; WEB SITE

Hanhurst Tapes and Records - Marlborough, New Hampshire; 800-445-7398 or 603-876-3636; WEB SITE
Chuck Hardy  - Stone Ridge, NY; Calling through Mainstream; WEB SITE
Gerry Hardy  - Stone Ridge, NY; Silver Sounds Records, Calling through Plus; WEB SITE
Pete Hayes - Cheltenham, U.K.; Calling thru A-1; Hoedwn, CDP, Contra, WEB SITE Tel:01242 678323 or 0385 736380
Bill Heyman - Marlborough, New Hampshire; 800-445-7398 or 603-876-3636 WEB SITE; WEB SITE
Audrey Hildebrand - Leaf River, IL; Cueing thru Phase III; Lines; (815) 247-8676; WEB SITE
Loren Hildebrand - Leaf River, IL; Calling thru A-2; Lines; Hoedowns; (815) 247-8676; WEB SITE
Richard Howell - Savannah, GA; Calling Hoedown through Plus; WEB SITE
Bob Huff - Mesa, Apache Jct. AZ.; Calling thru A-2; Recording with 4-Bar-B records; Full Time; WEB SITE


Ron Johnson - La Verne, CA; Calling through Plus; Contra, Lines, CDP; Easy Rounds; (909) 596-3609 WEB SITE
Ken Jordan - Hawaii; Calling thru Advanced; WEB SITE

Robert Keller - Honolulu, HI; Calling thru PLus; (808) 926-3444; WEB SITE
Chris Kiendl - Heimstetten, Germany; Calling through C-1; WEB SITE
Richard Kitterman - Eugene, OR; Calling through A-2; WEB SITE
Dan Koft - Monmouth Jct., NJ; Hoedown; Contra, CDP; Calling through A-2; (908) 329-8507; WEB SITE
Stewart Kramer - Stanford, CA; The Square Dance Guru; WEB SITE
Lorenz Kuhlee - Karlsruhe, Germany; Caller; Programmer of WinHash; WEB SITE

Bob Lafleur - Chicopee, MA; Flower Production Records Producer; WEB SITE
Frank Lescrinier - Upland, CA; Calling thru C-1; WEB SITE
Stuart Lewis - Vandalia, OH; Cueing through Phase II; WEB SITE

Mark Maass - Tempe, AZ; Calling thru Plus; WEB SITE WEB SITE  WEB SITE
Greg Malinowski - W. Long Branch, NJ; Manchester Center, VT; Plus; (908) 229-9677 or (802) 362-3876; WEB SITE
Jill Marci - Calling through C-2; Runs Callers School; Co-Author of "Top to Bottom"
Dale "Mac" McClary - Melbourne, FL; Calling thru A-2; Full Time; Rawhide Records; WEB SITE;
Dayrl Merrill - Muncie, IN; Calling thru Plus; (317) 289-2384; WEB SITE
Robert Milestad - Lidingo, Sweden; Calling thru Plus; WEB SITE
Ed Millan - Jacksonville, Fl; maintains 46th Nationals WEB SITE
Arlen Miller - Los Angeles, CA;Calling thru A-1; (818) 705-8350;  WEB SITE
Wayne Morvent - Silsbee, TX; Calling thru A-2; ROCKIN M & Stampede Recds; (409) 385-5222; WEB SITE


John Oldfield - Chicago,IL; Calling thru A-2; (317)769-6185;WEB SITE WEB SITE
Kris & Kathy Olsen - Hinsdale, MA; Calling Mainstream and Plus; WEB SITE
Mike Olson - Renton, WA; Calling thru Plus; Lines; CW & 2-Step; (206) 226-3210; WEB SITE

Jeff Palmer - Colorado Springs, CO; Calling thru A-2, Hoedown; (719) 390-4260; Accred.Callerlab Member; WEB SITE
Palomino Records - Marion, OH; (800) 328-3800; (614) 389-5919
Deborah Parnell - Upland, CA; CALLERLAB Board of Governors; CALLERLAB Accredited Caller Coach; Hi-Hat Records; Basics thru A-2; Traveling; Full-Time; WEB SITE
Marion Pearce - Trenton, NJ; Calling thru Plus; WEB SITE
Helen and Lon Penna - Scotia, NY; Calling thru Plus; 2-part Harmony; (518) 399-4522; WEB SITE; Traveling
Jim Penrod - Stockton, CA; Calling thru Plus, Hoedown; (209) 931-3151; WEB SITE
Tom Perry - Largo, FL; Hi-Hat Records; (813) 596-3264  WEB SITE
Jack Pladdys - West Chester, OH; Calling through A-2; CDP, Lines; Traveling Full Time; (513) 860-5930; WEB SITE
Bob Price - Durham, NC; WEB SITE


Joachim (JR) Ruehenbeck - 42113 Wuppertal, Germany; Calling through C-2; Phone xx49 202 720269; WEB SITE

Doug Sewell - Youngstown, OH; Calling through Plus, some A-2; WEB SITE
Gary D. Shapiro - Santa Barbara, CA; Contra Caller; Hoedown; WEB SITE
Lysle Shields - Huntsville, AL; Caller/Prompter thru Mainstream/Contra; WEB SITE
Jiri Slaby - Prague, Czech Republic (Europe); Calling through A-1; PH 00422/791 0468; WEB SITE
Jim Smith - Santa Ana, CA; Calling thru C-1, hoedown; (714) 542-9686; Full Time; WEB SITE
Marshal B. Spinner - Madison, AL; Calling through C-2; WEB SITE
Chris Stacy - Boston, MA; Calling through all levels; WEB SITE
Bob Stein - East Lansing, MI; Caller; Contras; WEB SITE
Al Stevens - Durmersheim, Germany; CALLERLAB Accr.Coach; MacGregor Rcds; WEB SITE
Clyde Stocker - Clinton, IL; Calling thru Plus; Lines; Traveling; WEB SITE
Steve Sullivan - Pocatello, ID; Calling thru A-2; (208) 233-0206; WEB SITE
Supreme Audio - Marlborough, New Hampshire; 800-445-7398 or 603-876-3636; WEB SITE

Joe Tamaro - 74889-Sinsheim, Germany; Calling Hoedown and Mainstream; WEB SITE
Ray Taylor - Bainbridge, NY; (607) 563-208; WEB SITE

Jim and Toni Unger - Grand Rapids, MI; Calling thru Plus; Line Dancing; WEB SITE

Chuck Veldhuizen - Sgt. Bluff, IA; Calling through Plus; Cheyenne Records; (712) 943-3927; WEB SITE

Dick Waibel - Fresno, CA; Producer of Rawhide Buckskin Records; Traveling; WEB SITE
Gene Welk - Camden, IN; Calling through Plus; WEB SITE
Donald "Bullseye" Wescoat - San Francisco, CA; Calling through C-1; (415) 621-6622; WEB SITE
Don Wood - Olympia, WA; Lou-Mac Records; WEB SITE
Jim Woolsey - Oklahoma City, OK; Calling all through A-2; Accredited Callerlab Coach; (405) 691-1251; WEB SITE

Bob Young - Boise, ID; Calling through Plus; Full Time; (208) 344-5705; WEB SITE
Robin Young - Bosie, ID; Cueing through Phase IV; Line Dancing; (208) 344-5705; WEB SITE


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This page was provided purely as a courtesy of  Dave Gipson in the hopes all may be able to more easily locate a caller. He makes no representations as to the accuracy of the data contained on this page.