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1998 CALLERLAB Convention
April 6-8, 1998
Drawbridge Estate, Cincinnati, Ohio

Preliminary Convention Information
Here are some of the sessions currently being planned for the 1998 Convention in Cincinnnati, Ohio:

Interest Sessions -
   Orientation Session
   Partner' Session (2)
   Presentation of Target 2000 Proposal (1)
   Presentation of Target 2000 Proposal (2)
   Presentation of Target 2000 Proposal (3)
   Smoothness In Dancing
   CDP Interest Session
   Contra/Traditional Interest Session
   How To Run A Home Program
   Music - Harmony
   Standard Applications Vs Extended Applications - Mainstream
   Teaching Examples
   Understanding Technical Zeros
   Voice Session I (Presentation)
   Voice Session II (Critiques)
   How To Use The Basic Program
   Mental Image - method of calling

Dance/Special Sessions -
   Mainstream Showcase Dance
   Specialty (Progressive) Squares Dance
   After Party
   CDP Dance Session
   Contra Dance Session

Invitations will be mailed out in late October or early November. If you're not a CALLERLAB member and would like to attend, call the CALLERLAB office at 507-288-5121 and ask to be placed on a mailing list for the convention invitation. CALLERLAB members will receive their invitation with DIRECTION, the CALLERLAB newsletter.

George White, Executive Director

Convention Information...
General Information
Convention Costs
Hotel Information
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Current (1997-1998) Board of Governor Members

Executive Committee
Jerry Junck, Chairman
Larry Cole, Vice Chairman
Laural Eddy-Moseley
Jim Mayo
Tony Oxendine

Board of Governors
Cal Campbell
Daryl Clendenin
Tim Crawford
Dee Dee Dougherty-Lottie
Randy Dougherty
Betsy Gotta
Bill Harrison
Mike Jacobs
Jerry Jestin
John Kaltenthaler
Martin Mallard
John Marshall
Tom Miller
Wayne Morvent
Deborah Parnell
Ken Ritucci
Mike Seastrom
Nassar Shukayr
Al Stevens
John Sybalsky

Newly elected Board of Governors, 1998-2000

Gregg Anderson
Randy Dougherty
Mike Jacobs
Martin Mallard
Tony Oxendine
Deborah Parnell
Jerry Story
John Sybalsky
Here's an official press release from CALLERLAB regarding the T2000 proposal:


There has been much discussion in the last few months regarding CALLERLAB dance program changes. An ad-hoc (temporary) committee was established in 1996 to study the feasibility of redesigning our programs for the purpose of increasing new dancer participation and improving dancer retention. This committee presented the following proposal to the CALLERLAB membership at the 1997 Los Angeles convention:

1) That the members of CALLERLAB adopt the existing Basic Program as a separate, stand alone dance program represented by a standing committee appointed by the Board of Governors and that the Membership of CALLERLAB endorse the Basic Program, now to be called "Square Dancing", as the official entry dance program recognizing this as a destination program.

2) That the members of CALLERLAB adopt, as the next dance program after Basic ("Square Dancing"), a consolidated Mainstream and Plus program containing the current Mainstream and Plus calls that can be comfortably taught in 10-12 two-hour sessions (Standard Application). This amalgamated program will be referred to as Plus Dancing, to cause the least amount of confusion for the existing club dancers.

3)That the members of CALLERLAB endorse Standard Applications only be used during programs one and two and that Extended Applications be a third and separate, stand alone dance program represented by a standing committee appointed by the Board of Governors and that the Membership of CALLERLAB endorse Extended Applications as an official dance program to be taught in 20-25 two hour sessions. For callers who wish to teach Extended Applications from the start, the committee recommends approximately 50 two hour sessions.

This proposal is now being studied by the CALLERLAB membership. It will be the main topic of discussion scheduled for the 1998 CALLERLAB convention near Cincinnati, OH.

CALLERLAB has always been responsive to proposals properly submitted for study and consideration by its members. This proposal regarding changes to the existing dance programs will receive complete, objective and immediate consideration. The CALLERLAB membership Will vote to accept or reject any proposed changes to the dance programs. If any changes are endorsed by a vote of the membership, CALLERLAB will issue the appropriate press releases and notices advising all interested parties of the changes.

Until a change has been considered and approved THERE ARE NO CHANGES in the current CALLERLAB dance program structure. All programs remain intact and unchanged at this time. The membership of CALLERLAB takes the responsibility of dance program maintenance very seriously. If you wish to express your views and influence the decision, talk to CALLERLAB member callers.

Throughout the years CALLERLAB has been a major stabilizing factor in square dancing. Our dance programs will remain relatively stable to insure the continued growth and well being of the activity.
CALLERLAB Accredited Caller Coaches

This is an unofficial CALLERLAB web site. It is for informational purposes only pertaining mainly to the 1998 CALLERLAB Convention in Northern Kentucky, with the hopes of getting more callers involved and their voices heard at the convention. For further information and/or registration information, please contact the CALLERLAB Home Office. This page is developed and maintained by Frank Lescrinier. For corrections and/or updates, contact Frank. Thanks for your interest.