Deborah Parnell's Resumé

Deborah has been a square dancer since 1979, and began apprenticing to be a caller in 1982. She called her first dance in August of 1983, and has been calling full time since 1984. She has a daughter, Erin (18). Top of Page

Deborah has called in the following states: Alaska; Arizona; California; Colorado; Hawaii; Illinois; Massachusetts; Nevada; New Hampshire; New York; Oregon; Rhode Island; South Dakota: Texas; Utah; Washington, and Wyoming. She has also called in Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean while conducting cruises. Also included was a two-country tour of New Zealand and Australia in 1993, and a weekend Festival for the Red Sea Squares in Saudi Arabia. 1998 featured an  international trip that included caller schools and dances in Germany and Belgium. She just completed calling a weekend festival in Japan in June, 1999. Top of Page

In 1990 and 1991 Deborah was the California Chairmen for the CALLERLAB Foundation for the Promotion and Preservation of Square Dancing. She has conducted many caller's schools, and in 1995 Deborah received her Accreditation as a CALLERLAB Caller Coach, the 30th caller in the world at that time to have achieved such status in the world, and only the third woman. Deborah is Vice-Chairman of the Caller Training Committee of CALLERLAB, and began a three year term as a CALLERLAB Board of Governor member in 1995. She was re-elected to the Board of Governors again in (1997), the term being from 1998 to the year 2000. Top of Page

The first record Deborah recorded was "Couch Potato", a TV Medley, on Rockin' M Records. Deborah is currently a staff recording artist for HI-HAT Records. She has recorded the following songs on Hi-Hat: "Hakuna Matata"; "I Fall To Pieces"; "Colors Of The Wind"; and "Something To Brag About", with Tom Perry. Her next releases on Hi-Hat will be "Blue", and "Shadows In The Moonlight", were released in 1998. Deborah calls through the A-2 program. Top of Page

There have been four cassette tapes produced by Deborah. If you would like more information on these tapes, follow this link...

Deborah has been receiving professional vocal instruction from Dwaine Douglas in Walnut, California, since 1990. He has been instrumental in developing Deborah's 3+ octave range, and adding variety to her singing style. He was also involved in the recording of her most recent cassette tape, "My Road Of Happy Destiny". Top of Page

For a listing of Conventions, Festivals, Weekends and Special Dances from 1986 to 2001, follow the link... Top of Page

Deborah Parnell
9797 La Monica Drive
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730-2800
(909) 481-9235
Fax: (909) 481-8572

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