Health, Science and Lifestyle Links

American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology - To educate public about allergies and allergic-immunologic diseases.
American Social Health Association - Your source for sexual haelth information
Healthfinder - New patient site listing to sites that produce reliable information
Mayo Clinic - Up-to-date information and tips on health issues
Medical Matrix - Includes a search option, and a major heading for patient education
Mother's Voice - AID'S awareness sight
Nutrition Navigator -Guide to nutrition information (Updated quarterly)
RxList - Drug index to searchdrugs by name
Wellness Web - Site that takes advantage of patient interchange
Find a Doctor -AMA search (Physician's dedicated to the health of America

Runner's World - Companion to the magazine
Video Fitness - Exercise video reviews
World Guide to Vegetarianism- Menus and more

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