Kid's Scene

Search Engine for Kids
Yahooligans - Kid friendly search engine

General Topics - Quickest shot to the coolest spots on the Web
Be a 4Kids Detective - See how many answers you can get correct
Chinese New Year - Learn why the Chinese bring in the New Year with a BANG!
CyberKids - Games, art gallery, contests, and more
Garfield On-line - All about that favorite cat
GusTown - For kids 3-7
National Geographics for Kids
Sports Illustrated for Kids - Sports features and stories
Underwater World - Navigate these fun-filled waters

Science Corner
Become a Virtual Surgeon - Inspect the anatomy of a frog
Dissect a Virtual Frog - Decide where to make incisions, etc.!
Inside Your Heart - Study how the heart works
Science Fair Project Ideas - Create a great science fair project

History Corner
Archiving Early America - Documents from 18th century America
Black History Month - February

Public Service
National Center for the Missing & Exploited Children

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