A cop out, or a classic expression of love? Either way, this site makes it easy to "say it with flowers".

The Meaning of Flowers
Find out the message a flower conveys.

Candy is always a risky gift. If your beloved is sensitive about his or her weight, then don't even think about it. However, if your sweetie loves sweets, these chocolate roses should do the trick.

You know those pretty cards with the sappy messages and painted watercolor scenes? Those are Blue Mountain Arts cards and they are now available--in animated form, no less--online.

Literary warning: Some of the verse in this site is frighteningly bad, but classics like Poe's "Annabelle Lee" and Byron's "She Walks In Beauty" are also included.

Get a fix of love poems.

St. Valentine
Contrary to popular belief, Valentine's Day was not created by Hallmark. Check out this site for multiple versions of the holiday's sacred history.

Questions on this site range from why Edward the VIII gave up the throne, to the identity of Marilyn Monroe's French lover.

Fabio's Romance Tips
He's either the king of romance or just an annoying guy with a great bod and a bad accent. You decide.

Love Calculator
Figure out the probability of a successful relationship

Send a Cyber-Valentine
Get Cyrano to help you craft a poem

Valentine Clip Art
If you're working on a homemade Valentine, get hearts, cupids, etc. here. the Home Page.