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Entertainment/Fun Sites
The Disney Home Page - The World of Walt Disney Entertainment
The Bingo Zone - Play Bingo Online!
Comedy Central On-line
Dr. Demento
Fun & Stuff
Karraoke - The site where YOU are the star
Acme Rosie O'Donnell Page - Net rave from NET magazine

Humor and Jokes...
Centre for the Easily Amused
Comedy Central
CyberJibe - Humor newsletter
Dave's Web of Lies
The Dog Ate My Homework - 1001 Excuses
Dr. Ruth
The Exploding Head Page - See your favorites heads explode
How To Drive Like A Moron - Develop moron skills to be a better driver!
Humor Page - Several links
It's the French Fries - All you'd want to know
LaughWeb - Subscribe for free jokes
The Magic 8 Bra
Oracle Service Humor Archives
Planet Wallyworld - One Liner Diner
Punch Rush Limbaugh Home Page
Radio Free Oz
Random Jokes About Yo Mama
Random Joke Server - Mefco
So Much To Say
The Sneeze Page
Ten Laughs a Day - Net Rave from NET magazine
The Mother of All Humor Archives
TopFive Lists - Take off of Letterman...
Top Ten Ways To Tell If You Have A Sucky Home Page
Twisted Tunes Juke Box
WebCrawler - Deep Thought Of The Day
World Wide Web Headquarters For Burrito and Burrito-Related Information
World of Com.edy Web Site

Comics and Funnies...
The Comic Strip - Multiple funnies available
The Comics Hotlist
U Express - Universal Press Syndicate
Cafe Angst
Corporate City
The Borderline
Kev's World
Ozone Patrol
Mr. Boffo

Media Information
TV Guide Online - The Entertainment Magazine
NEW TV Guide
The Ultimate TV List
Movie Web - Current and previous movie releases
Movie Review Database
MovieLink 777FILM
Internet Movie Database
Oscar Information - The Official Academy Awards site
Independent Film Site
Earthlink's Hollywood
Hollywood Online
Mr. Showbiz
Celebrity Home Pages
InterJuke Home - Play CD music Online with RealAudio 2.0 (Download RealAudio 2.0)

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