Search Engines and References Resources

Search Engines on the Web
Accufind - Choose the best places to make your search
Ahoy - The homepage finder
All-In-One Search Page
Alta Vista Technology
America's Job Bank - Job search index
Ancestry Search - The #1 genealogy site on the internet
BIG FOOT - E-Mail Address Searches
Building OnLine - Where building products are found on the internet
City Guide USA- Find a town, or explore new places
Companies Online - Search over 60,000 public & private companies
Dejanews Newsgroups
DisInformation - The subculture search engine
Education Station - Educational resources on the Web
Electronic Newsstand - Search for over 2,000 magazines
E-mail Search Engine
Excite! - Twice the power of the competition
Femina - Web search for women
Four11 - Internet White Pages
Galaxy - The professional's guide to the world of information
HotBot - 54 million documents: the most complete Web index
InfoMine - Government information resources index
Internet Sleuth - Choose from over 1,800 searchable databases
Library of Congress
LinkStar - Business directory
Lycos - It's amazing where Go Get It will get you
Magellan - Internet guide
MapQuest - Interactive mapping service
Net Search - Four different ways for you to search
On-Line Dictionary - How's that word spelled?
Open Text Web Index - The Internet's home page
PageHaus - Guide to the internet
People Search - Hunting for email addresses and telephone numbers
People Finder - Your long lost friend finder
Picture & Sound Search - Search photos, art, videos, music, noises
Savvy Search - Search in different languages
Search for Newsgroups
Site by Subject - Access to 1/10th of the web sites most linked to
Smithsonian - Search the Smithsonian Web
Software Search
Starting Point
Stock Find - Lycos
Submit It! - Submit your URL's
Switchboard - The people and business directory
The BIG BOOK - Internet Yellow Pages
The Collected Works Of Shakespeare
The Library Of Congress - If there's an ISBN#, it's here
Toll Free Phone Numbers
Universities Worldwide - Find the universities with web sites
UPS Package Tracking
USPS ZIP Code Lookup and Address
Virtual Search
WebCom Guide - Publicizing your Website
Where2Go - The global electronic business directory
Worldwide Business Phonebook
Yahoo - One of the most popular
Yahooligans - Kid friendly
Yahoo - Los Angeles - Search happenings in L.A.
YellowNet - World wide pages
Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages Superhighway
YelloWWWeb - Internet business listings

Reference Resources
Bartlett's Quotations
Dictionary of Computing
Roget's Thesaurus
Webster's Dictionary

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