(in approximate order of occurrence)

Creation, Genesis 1-2
The first sin, or fall, Genesis 3
Cain kills Abel, Genesis 4
Noah and the ark, Genesis 6-9
Sodom and Gomorrah, Genesis 18-19
Abraham sacrifices Isaac, Genesis 22
Jacob's ladder, Genesis 28:10-22
Joseph and the coat, Genesis 37
Moses birth, Exodus 2
Moses and the burning bush, Exodus 3
Plagues in Egypt, Exodus 7-11
The exodus, Exodus 12-13
The Ten Commandments, Exodus 20
The battle of Jericho, Joshua 6
Gideon and the fleece, Judges 6-7
Samson and Delilah, Judges 13-16
God calls the boy Samuel, 1 Samuel 1-3
David and Goliath, 1 Samuel 17
David and Bathsheba, 2 Samuel 11
Elijah versus the priests of Baal, 1 Kings 18
The miracles of Elisha, 2 Kings 4-5
Ezekiel and the dry bones, Ezekiel 37
Daniel and the lion's den, Daniel 6
Jonah and the fish, Jonah 1
Hosea and his adulterous wife, Hosea 1-3
Birth of Jesus, Luke 1-2
Baptism of Jesus, Mark 1:9-11
Temptation of Jesus, Luke 4:1-13
Jesus clears the temple, John 2:12-25
The transfiguration of Jesus, Matthew 17:1-13
Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead, John 11:1-46
Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, Mark 11:1-11
Jesus and the widow's offering, Mark 12:41-44
The Last Supper, Luke 22:7-38
Jesus washes his disciples' feet, John 13:1-17
Jesus at Gethsemane, Matthew 26:36-56
Judas betrays Jesus, Luke 22:1-53
Peter denies Christ, Luke 22:54-62
The crucifixion, Matthew 26:57--27:66
Resurrection and ascension, Luke 24
Holy Spirit at Pentecost, Acts 2
Stephen stoned, Acts 6-7
Paul's conversion, Acts 9:1-31
Peter's escape from prison, Acts 12:1-19
Paul and Silas in prison, Acts 16:16-40

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