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Specialized Search Engines
This is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to specialized indexes and search engines. There are far too many on the web for anyone to do that. It is only a listing of the sites that I have found to be useful and interesting.

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Business Directories - Top of Page


 - A search engine download that uses company names, brand names or ticker symbols. It even gives nicknames to your own favorite jumps.

America's Job Bank

 - Job search index


 - Internet Yellow Pages


 - The Premier Network for Business, Technology and Knowledge Management

Companies Online

 - Search over 60,000 public & private companies


 - A searchable database of the program and financial information of 40,000 American nonprofit organizations.


 - This site offers White and Yellow pages, guides to government information, classified ads, and a city guide.


 - Directory with on-line auctions

The U.S. Postal Service

 - The Internet Branch. Look up the ZIP code for an address, or see the stamps to be issued in the future.


 - The global electronic business directory

Worldwide Business Phonebook


 - World wide pages

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages Superhighway


- Internet business listings


Education - Top of Page

Colleges and Universities at

 - Search database of 4500 college and university web pages.

Education Station

 - Educational resources on the Web

Education World

 - Searchable subject directory of education related sites.

Global Network Academy Distance Learning Catalog

 - A research resource geared toward academia.

Peterson's Education Center

 - Directory of private k-12 schools, and undergraduate and graduate programs in the U.S.


 - Search the Smithsonian Web


- Extensive international directory of K-12 schools


Entertainment - Top of Page

The Internet Movie Database

 - Search for movies by title, subject, actors, and more.

Movie Link

 - Find out what is playing at your local movie.

 - Your guide to the movies

Ultimate TV

- What's on the tube today? TV show times and extensive information about TV shows. I found no info here on public television stations so you might want to check out PBS Online


Financial Information - Top of Page

Classic Currency Converter

 - How many Chilean pesos equal one Euro? This is the place to go to find current currency values.

The Financial Data Finder

 - Directory of financial information on the web. From the Department of Finance at Ohio State University.

Hoover's Online

 - Search for profiles of 10,000 companies and for company websites. This is also the place to find latest corporate earnings.

The Mutual Fund Investor's Center

 - By the Mutual Fund Investment Alliance. This site has basic information about fund investing, profiles of mutual funds, and you can track your personal portfolio on line.


 - Stock and mutual fund quotes and historical charts.

Wallstreet Research Network

 - This is a very comprehensive site for research on stocks and mutual funds. There is also information on brokers and the economy.

Yahoo! Finance

 - A good site for quotes, stock information such as charts and earnings, mutual fund information, and financial news.

Zack's Investment Research

- Company reports, earnings, historical data and more.


Government and Politics - Top of Page

Access America for Seniors

 - Searchable directory of US government information for seniors. This site includes benefits, education, health, and many other government services.

Canadian Politics on the Web

 - Extensive annotated directory of government web sites.


 - Government information resources index

Library of Congress

The Library Of Congress

 - If there's an ISBN#, it's here

The National Political Index

 - This site indexes 3500 political links. Get the latest political headlines, contact congressmen, follow legislation and much, much more.

Research Resources for the Social Science

 - Links to web sites in geography, political sciences, demography, economics, etc.


- Current news from the 50 states as well as data on state spending. From the Pew Center for the States.


History - Top of Page

ORB: Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies

 - An extensive collection of medieval materials for the scholar and interested amateur.


Images - Top of Page

The Bodleian Library/Toyota City Imaging Project

 - Searchable collection of 19th and 20th century transportation images from the John Johnson collection of the Bodleian Library.

Clip Art Search Engines

 - This is an all-in-one search page for icons, graphics, and sound files. Search sites include HotBot, Lycos, One Click, and Filez.

Media Builder

 - Links to graphics search engines. Also search engines for audio and video files.

Picture & Sound Search

 - Search photos, art, videos, music, noises

WebSeek: Image catalog and search tool for the web

 - A searchable directory of over 100,000 images on the web.


Internet Information - Top of Page

December Communications, Inc. - The Works

 - Links to everything connected with the web from search sites to HTML. This is probably one of the most extensive guides to web use and tools available.

Internet FAQ Archives

 - Search for FAQ's.

Liszt - The Mailing List Directory

 - Searchable directory of list servers.

Liszt's Internet Chat Directory

 - If you like to chat, this directory will help you to locate IRC channels.

Liszt Directory of Newsgroups

 - Searchable directory of newsgroups.

The Media Channel

 - A searchable guide to video on the Internet. Links to live videos, web cams, and the plug-ins you might need to view them.

PC Webopaedia

 - The #1 online encyclopedia and search engine dedicated to computer technology.


 - Search for Usenet and Mailing List postings, and for the groups themselves.

Web Reference

 - The Webmaster's reference library.

Web SiteZ

 - Find any web site in the world.

 - A searchable dictionary of Internet and computer terms. The definitions contain links to relevant web sites.


Laws and Legal Information - Top of Page

FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources

 - Extensive directory of legal information on the web. You may search the web for legal information by using LawCrawler which combines intelligent agents with an Alta Vista type search engine.

Internet Legal Resource Guide

 - A searchable directory of 4000 legal web sites in 238 islands, nations, and territories.


Medicine and Health Care - Top of Page

Achoo Internet Healthcare Directory

 - Searchable subject directory of over 7000 health and medical websites.

The American Hospital Directory

 - Provides both free and subscription information.

Dental Related Internet Resources

 - Searchable directory of all things dental.

Medical World Search

 - Search major medical web sites assisted by a specialized medical thesaurus. Search terms can also be directed to other web search engines.

Health Finder

 - A consumer health information site from the US government.

Health on the Net Foundation

 - An international medical directory which has it's own MedHunt search and also provides access to Medline. The media gallery provides a searchable directory of medical images and movies.


 - Health/Medical information center

The Merck Medical Manuals

 - The Merck Manual of Medical Information.

Public Health InfoLinks

 - Directory of public health links. From the Rollins School of Public Heath at Emory University.


 - Search for medical citations in Medline. From the National Library of Medicine.

RxList: The Internet Drug Index

 - Search for information on prescription drugs. There is also a list of the top 200 drugs being prescribed by physicians in the U.S., and a search link to Alta Vista where you can search for interactions between the top 200 drugs. This site is maintained by Neil Sandow, hospital pharmacy directory.


Miscellaneous - Top of Page

Ancestry Search

 - The #1 genealogy site on the Internet

Acronym Finder

 - A searchable database containing common acronyms and abbreviations about all subjects, with a focus on computers, technology, telecommunications, and the military.

Acronym Search

City Guide USA

- Find a town, or explore new places


- Mapping service / driving directions


 - Interactive mapping service / driving directions

Submit It!

 - Submit your URL's

UPS Package Tracking

USPS ZIP Code Lookup and Address

WIRED Magazine Archive


Music - Top of Page

Argus Music Searcher

 - All-in-one music search site. Search for information on web pages and Usenet news groups.

Fast MP3 Search

 - Search by artist or title. Download sites are rated by reliability. From Lycos.


 - Searchable directory of music sites on the web.

Ultimate Band List


Periodicals - Top of Page

Electronic Newsstand

 - Search for over 2,000 magazines, through Barnes & Noble.


Recipes - Top of Page

The Kitchen Link

 - Searchable site for locating recipes and other information on food and cooking.

Veggies Unite!

- Over 2700 vegetarian recipes.


Science - Top of Page

Calculators On-Line Center

 - Calculators for everything.


 - A directory of directories in all fields of science.

The Virtual Chemistry Center

 - A directory of chemistry sites.


Sports Information - Top of Page

Ski Central

 - For skiers and snowboarders


Software and Technology Information - Top of Page

Computer ESP Agent

 - Search for software at two dozen stores, or search magazines, directories, Usenet groups, or the major web search engines at this Java powered site. Easy to use with smooth operation. If your browser does not support Java, there is a corresponding non-Java site.

Virtual Resource

 - Provides searches and links to audio/video, computer, software, online games and magazine resources.


Weather - Top of Page

The National Weather Service

 - Weather warnings, observations, and forecasts.

Tropical Storm and Hurricane Watch

 - From the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The Weather Channel

 - Current news, maps and forecasts.


Women - Top of Page

Beatrice's Web Guide

 - Web guide for women by Yahoo and Women's Wire.


 - Web search for women


- A searchable subject list of all things of interest to and by women on the web.


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