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Portals are designed to be gateways to the Internet. They may have a link to a search engine, a subject directory, and provide other services such as news, weather, entertainment information, stock market information, shopping, and other services. Many portal sites provide an option to customize the site according to the user's personal interest. Portals are sponsored by the major search engine and browser providers, and may include alliances with other major players on the Internet.



 - Excite not only has subject lists, but provides a lot of other goodies that are definitely worth taking a look at. While you are there, you can design your own personalized channel.


 - Go is a result of an alliance between Infoseek, Disney, ESPN, ABC and Mr. Showbiz. Search with the Infoseek search engine, or browse the category listings. There are links to news, sports, weather etc., etc. This site is family friendly and it is possible to filter search results with GOGuardian.


 - Search with the Lycos search engine. There is also a subject directory, news, chat, shopping etc.


 - Microsoft's portal. Search the web with your choice of 5 search engines. This site offers many of the standard services including free e-mail. It offers a good selection of items from which to create your own personalized page.

Starting Point

 - Starting Point was a portal for a long time before anyone starting using the term portal. Although it is not as feature filled as some of the newer portals, it has search engine links, subject channels, and links to news, weather, and people searches.

Web Crawler's Guide

 - Annotated subject lists and other goodies.


- News, stocks, weather, sports, entertainment etc. Create your own customized version of these pages.


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