This year in Cincinnati, Ohio, we will be looking to the future and a journey on a "Pathway to the Future". This includes a continuing commitment to a new approach to teaching and calling, with an emphasis on Standard Applications.

Last year in Los Angeles an ad-hoc committee presented a proposal (in three parts) for changes to the existing CALLERLAB programs. Due to the importance of these proposals, the format of the convention has been modified somewhat. Following the opening session on Monday morning there will be sessions devoted to presentation and discussion of the program change proposals. These sessions have been designed to provide all attendees an opportunity to hear and discuss each of the proposals. These sessions promise to include some lively dialogue by both pro and con advocates.

These meetings will feature an introduction of each proposal by a member of the Executive Committee. Following this introduction a panel of Pro and Con advocates will address both sides of the proposal. The attendees will then be invited to share thoughts and contribute to the discussion of this crucial matter. A vote on the proposed program change will be conducted during the annual business meeting Wednesday morning. Each attending voting member will be issued a "Voter Card" to use during the meeting. The current bylaws provide that this vote is binding unless rescinded by the voting members.

Rest assured, there will be a variety of additional interest sessions designed to provide valuable information to callers and partners. There will also be sessions on Smoothness, Music/Harmony, and a session to gathering teaching examples. There will be technical sessions as well, including a discussion of the Mental Image System, another on Understanding Technical Zeros, and one on Teaching. In addition to the main topics there will be more...MUCH MORE! Consider, for instance, sessions on Voice, Contra and Traditional dancing, Multi-Cycle Programming, and the Community Dance Program. As always, there will be sessions planned for the partners.

We have every reason to believe this convention will be truly outstanding and will contribute to individual successes and acclomplishments as have our conventions in the past.

Callers and leaders from all over the world will have an opportunity to work closely with one another; to exchange ideas and to find solutions to common concerns and challenges facing them in their home programs.

Those who attend may also become involved in the work of several of CALLERLAB's standing committees. We urge all of you to join in the spirit of this convention theme. Take part, contribute, and learn form others while we work together to make square dancing even more fun for everyone.

While the convention is not a dancing event, there will be special interest dances and occasions where dance demonstrations will take place. Subsequent issues of DIRECTION will provide you with further information.

CALLERLAB '98 is not a festival, nor a callers' school (even though most sessions will address various aspects of calling), and it is not just another callers' meeting, hashing over the same problems. It is truly a gathering of professionals, dedicated to the future of the square dance activity.


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This is an unofficial CALLERLAB web site. It is for informational purposes only pertaining to the 1998 CALLERLAB Convention in Northern Kentucky, with the hopes of getting more callers involved and their voices heard at the convention. For further information and/or registration information, please contact the CALLERLAB Home Office. This page is developed and maintained by Frank Lescrinier. For corrections and/or updates, contact Frank. Thanks for your interest.