Our program will expand on the theme "PATHWAY TO THE FUTURE" and will demonstrate a continuing commitment to a new approach to teaching and calling, with an emphasis on Standard Applications. Concurrent sessions will be scheduled to provide something of interest to everyone. In addition to our talented members, we will again have the gifted Professor Arden Hopkin from Brigham Young University. Professor Hopkin will again present voice sessions to provide important information on the care of your voice. We are also planning voice critiques for selected volunteers. This year Professor Hopkin will be working with female callers.

Many of our standard features will be repeated, including the Sunday afternoon CDP dance, the Sunday Evening Social Hour, and the Orientation Session for first time attendees or callers and their partners that haven't attended a convention for several years. An After Party has been planned for Sunday evening. A Mainstream dance to showcase Standard Applications has been planned for Monday night. A high point will be a dance called by Jerry Helt featuring Progressive Squares. The Partners Committee has been busy planning some special events as well. There will also be opportunities for "Birds-of-a Feather" to gather to discuss common concerns.

The Social Hour provides an opportunity for attendees to meet and chat with members of the Board of Governors and the Executive Committee. It also provides an informal atmosphere in which to get reacquainted with old friends and to meet new ones.

The Orientation Session provides information and suggestions on how to get the most from the interest sessions and committee meetings. If you have any questions regarding the convention program, or CALLERLAB in general, this is the place to get your questions answered. Kathy Davenport, Chairman of the Partners Committee will also be available to answer questions about the partners' involvement in the convention.

On Monday morning there will be a general session for all attendees. Jerry Junck, Chairman of the Board, will welcome you and formally open the convention. Members of the Board of Governors and the Executive Committee will be introduced and the newly elected members of the Board will be sworn in. George White, Executive Director, will present an overview of the convention program. Committee chairman will be given a chance to make a brief statement about their upcoming committee meeting, outlining their projects, and urging you to attend and provide your input. Your personal involvement will continue to play a key role in the success of this three day event during which all callers have an opportunity to be heard.

The interest sessions will begin at 10:45 a.m. on Monday and run through 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday. All attendees will receive a convention packet, which includes a detailed convention program, when they check in at convention registration.

Awards will be presented following the Monday and Tuesday banquets. These include the Appreciation Awards, Awards of Excellence, Chairman's Award, Quarter and Half Century Awards, Small World Awards, and quite possibly the Milestone Award. Laurel Eddy-Moseley, incoming Chairman of the Board, will also give a short address to motivate us for the 1998-1999 year.

CALLERLAB's annual business meeting will be conducted on Wednesday morning. During this meeting, formal votes may be taken on the business announced in the Call to Convention (February issue of DIRECTION). Committee Chairmen will be asked to make a brief report of the actions taken by his/her committee during the year.

Whatever is most important to you, relative to the future of this activity, will undoubtedly be included somewhere in the three day convention. The convention is more than just a series of meetings. Opportunities to socialize with other callers and their partners, form various parts of the world, are an important part of the convention.


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This is an unofficial CALLERLAB web site. It is for informational purposes only pertaining to the 1998 CALLERLAB Convention in Northern Kentucky, with the hopes of getting more callers involved and their voices heard at the convention. For further information and/or registration information, please contact the CALLERLAB Home Office. This page is developed and maintained by Frank Lescrinier. For corrections and/or updates, contact Frank. Thanks for your interest.